We are honored that you are taking the time to get to know us, and we look forward to giving a child a loving and joyful life, filled with curiosity and fun. We know that life is a precious gift with opportunities to grow, learn and explore, and we will raise your child to have the confidence to take chances because they know they are loved unconditionally.

We will always be there to listen, guide and encourage, and provide a stable home where they will feel safe to trust their deepest self to emerge, and we will instill a sense of faith in a God that loves them no matter what.
Our "Luv" Story
We both believe that our getting together was divine grace. Although we met ten years ago through mutual friends, we didn’t begin dating until five years later. What happened was that during one very special week, Mary-Beth joined Al’s writing class at the same time that Al joined Mary-Beth’s acting class. Our teacher paired us in a scene from a play called LUV… and the rest is history.
Celebrating Al's Birthday - he's a Gemini
Dancing the night away
MB's Birthday

Al proposed. She said Yes!
Sunday brunch in Santa Monica
Our Wedding Day in Boston, Massachusetts where MB is from
Announcing Mr. & Mrs.
On our honeymoon in Maine

Our first Christmas together!
At a Dodger game. But we're secretly Red Sox fans!
Our Hobbies
 Things that we like to do
We love hanging out with family.

We like to cook for friends, go to the movies, walk on the beach and read.
Taking our niece, Sophie out to lunch
Al taking family photos in Cambria

We love to travel, whether it’s a weekend trip to Cambria, or a longer visit with friends and family on the east coast and in Canada.
Mary-Beth's Dad and Al hanging out

A romantic moment in Carmel
Christmas is our favorite time

An afternoon at Notre Dame Cathedral

Last year we spent two delightful weeks in Paris that was part vacation, and part business—Al was getting notes from his director on the movie they are making based on one of his books.

We loved experiencing all of the magic that the famous city has to offer.
Yummy French pastries - all gone :-)

Al by the Seine River
Al cracks me up on a rainy day
Mary-Beth at home
Our Home
We live in a spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Mediterranean-style home in Southern California, with lots of sunlight, wood floors and cozy nooks. There are plenty of play areas and a lovely back yard with vegetables and fruit trees.

We are very close to our neighbors who have adopted children in recent years; one next door, and the other directly across the

Al loves to cook with lots of garlic!

It is not uncommon on warm summer nights for friends and neighbors to gather for a community barbecue. We are blessed to be surrounded by so many people who we share our passion for family and creativity.
Our Furry Family  Our animals bring us so much joy, and are very gentle, peaceful spirits.
Captain likes to saunter into neighbors’ houses and take a nap. There is
something sort of dog-like about Captain. He literally follows Al around the
block, walking right behind him. Everybody knows Captain, and they refer
to him as the Mayor!

Fawn is the opposite. She just likes to curl up and nap all day.

About Al
written by Mary-Beth

Al is the most extraordinary man I have ever known.  He is generous, kind, honest, highly intelligent. Al is so funny—he can make me laugh and smile through almost anything.

Writing is a huge part of Al’s life. He is an award-winning novelist who also writes screenplays, and runs a successful writing workshop.

I love to listen to him teach because he has such a way with people’s tender hearts.

Al is an art-lover and a painter! He paints large canvases in his spare time that he sells at a local gallery. My favorite is a painting of a ballerina that he gave me after we were engaged. (Left)

Al was a stand-up comic for 15 years!

His face lights up whenever he sees a child and my niece and nephew follow him around like the Pied Piper.

When he was 20, Al became a Big Brother.  It was a 1-year commitment that has turned into a 24-year friendship. A few years back Al was honored to be the best man at his ‘little brother’s’ wedding. Most important to Al is family, and I know he will be an exceptional Dad, who will honor his daughter or son’s feelings, and do whatever it takes to help them realize their dreams.

About Mary-Beth

written by Al
What made me fall in love with my wife is her joy of life.  The simplest things make her smile. Mary-Beth is the one who so many turn to for advice.  She has an innate wisdom and a way of making everyone feel special.

Although she is most definitely perky, she also has a thoughtful serious side.

Mary-Beth loves: Acting, hosting fun gatherings for friends and family, photography, writing.

She wrote a one woman show called, "Mother", that she performed in LA and New York.

Mary-Beth is very close to her family, and it is so nice to have them near.  There is nothing better than going over on a Sunday afternoon and having a barbecue with the family. Mary-Beth’s niece, Sophie,  is very excited at the prospect of having a new cousin.

Mary-Beth is now a personal trainer and has a completely flexible schedule. She looks forward to being a full time mom.  My wife is such a natural with children, and I know that she is going to make a great mom when we are lucky enough to adopt.

Dear Child
We love you already.  You’ve been dreamt about and anticipated, and we look forward to sharing in your laughter, and comforting your tears.

We will be there for you always, and we promise to shower you with hugs and kisses, to tuck you in at night, to read to you and play with you, to ensure that you receive a good education, to give you the guidance and values necessary to navigate your life.

We look forward to taking you on trips to visit family, and further, to places unknown. We will always be with you, loving you and celebrating in all that you do.
Thank You
We are inspired by your courage, and grateful that you are considering us. You have our promise that we will be loving, supportive parents, and although we won’t do it perfectly, we will always do our best. The child that becomes ours will never doubt that they are loved. We will always hold you in our hearts, with joy and gratitude for this gift. 

With hope, Al & Mary-Beth

Mary Beth's Cell: (323) 273-6482
email: alandmb@gmail.com

We are Life Scanned and Home Study Approved